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Heritage Research

At PHRA, we believe that discovering your family and cultural heritage should be fun and rewarding, not confusing or overwhelming. We see the search for family and cultural heritage as a journey, a road of personal discovery leading from the present into the past. We’ll help you retrace the route your ancestors took that made you who you are today.

Whether you’re just beginning your journey of discovery into your family’s past, or you’re a long-time family history/genealogy hobbyist, whether you’re a do-it-yourself genealogical or family history researcher or an institutional or business customer, you’ll find the help you need at PHRA.

We’ll make sure you find all the resources you need in order to get the complete family history and heritage picture you're looking for. We will personally guide you every step of the way so that you don’t miss important genealogical clues, saving you time, money, and frustration.

PHRA offers a variety of personalized research packages at prices suited to every budget. We also offer family history ancestral DNA testing services. So contact us today and start discovering your heritage identity.

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Business Intelligence Research

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